They say, whoever controls the past, controls the… wait, no, that’s not it. Uh, whoever controls the future, controls the past? That doesn’t make sense. Control the past and you control the present? How the fuck do you control the past, Einstein?

Well in any case, we can at least browse the past. Here are past Unavoidable Disasters, twice as unavoidable because they already happened.

December 2020

Let’s face it, this Unavoidable Disaster is all you have left.

November 2020

We drag our heavy boots through the mud, sewage, and refuse toward the faint glimmer of promise of this Unavoidable Disaster.

October 2020

Everything’s fine. We can handle this Disaster. Everything’s fine. It’s fine.

September 2020

While the world burns, we have our priorities straight focusing on this little fully confection.

August 2020

Enjoy this delicious Unavoidable Disaster along with the other totally avoidable disasters you may also be experiencing.

July 2020

In those quiet pastoral moments between sheltering from global pandemic and joining uprisings in the street, enjoy this thoughtful meditation on the vagaries of existence.