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542Joined April 15, 2020

What more need I say? I'm a big baby. I write fiction for humans, nonfiction for compilers and music for air molecules.

Please do not mistake me for Alarin the elf nor Akranae the dragonborn.

When I was a child, my hands were too small for the piano so I learned the accordion. (Yes, welcome to Heaven, here's your harp...welcome to Hell, here's your accordion.) Luckily my hands grew bigger and I could transition to the piano, but the accordion is a type of growth that cannot be lanced.

In the late 1970s, computers came along and so did synthesizers. I was hooked, am hooked, forever will be hooked. How many people you know that were nerdy enough to write an operating system at 16? Well, I am that nerd. But it didn't keep me from playing D&D or performing in a Police cover band.

But enough about me. What brought you to Unavoidable Disaster? I have the ultimate excuse, I've known Wes since 1979. That's both a long time and not long enough.

Take care & thanks for all the fish. θ

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