This is Unavoidable Disaster. Our little web-contributed webzine. A throwback to the photocopied low-rez punk zines of the 1990s and 2000s, when we would slave for hours over a hot photocopier to produce tiny publications about our favorite music, anarchist politics, sex and gender politics, and direct action to an audience of mostly our friends. There were literally zines about everything.

Unavoidable Disaster was inspired by a monthly publication we called Freakshow that had shady graymarket ads, personals, missed connections, and mini-rants back in 2010 or so. Freakshow itself was inspired by a publication called Baitlines which was like a filthy queerer Craigslist but on paper. While Baitlines served the entire Bay Area, and Freakshow served our little coastal college town, Unavoidable Disaster is available wherever there are internets. Contributors to Unavoidable Disaster are from all around the globe.

The deadline for submissions to UAD is always the 25th of the month. We accept your napkin sketches, crazy schemes, rants, hilarious and poignant memes, romantic aspirations, and whatever you got. You want to find a sweet partner for your octagenarian recently-out aunt? You want to find buyers for your organic grass-fed beef? You want to promote your new queer black metal album? You want to make suggestions about who should be the next appointee to the supreme court? You want to tell people about your fave podcast? This is where to do it.


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