Uh, How Do We Do This?

Oh hey, this is the editoral staff here. We’re mostly just the interns so we don’t really know how to do this stuff. We got a call from the editor (collect of course from wherever they got him lol) saying we should try to publish augusts issue, though it’s november. Whatever. IDK it doesn’t really matter since only like three people read this.

Our editor usually does this part and doesn’t really tell us how. (“Need to know basis,” when I asked.) So if I mess this up, well, whatevs.

So what do I say here? Something something about what kind of things you can expect here. It just looks like memes and stuff to me, but what does the editor usually say? schemes? sketchy plans? old photographs? interactive stuff? I don’t know. Just lots of stuff. The editor thinks it’s hella edgy, so whatever. Don’t disappoint him, or we’ll have to listen to complaining.

Oh, and we’re supposed to tell you to submit for next month. So, yeah, do taht.


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