Okay, sure.

So we’re a little late, but I wanted to wait until I was laid up in bed and high on Oxycodone before I put together this issue. So far, it’s pretty much like normal except I can’t easily get up to distract myself, and I kee] falling asleep in between sentences. And its not like I don’t notice the tpyos, I simply can’t be bothered to care.

I don’t know what happened to May. I remember it vaguely. For me, it was also the end of the school term, so that always becomes a blur. And here we are in June, first official month of the summer, with it’s corn and cherries and watermelon and zukes and fresh tomatoes. Or as I call it now, Mune, our favorite early summer 61 day month.

Inspired by May Day, this is the Solidarity issue. May Day was the original Labor Day, an important international day to recognize the laborers who actually do all the work, while capitalists rake in the profit. Fuck the bosses.

Hey have you been here before? Is this your first disaster? Well, this is it. Our (more or less) monthy Unavoidable Disaster, with contributions by hundreds of readers scattered over the globe, cvhiock full of stupid memes, poignant observations on the human condition and fucking politics, ugly half-assed drawings, matchbook covers, stripper club cocktail napkins, overflowing ashtrays, and a woman who sashays out of a kroger with a handle of gin. So sorry, just got carried away on a drug-induced reverie that felt like a Tom Waits song.

Deadline is the 25th of each month. Maybe you should submit something this time. What do you think?


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