What the Sweet Jesus Is This?

This is Unavoidable Disaster. Comin’ atcha monthly. Devoted contributors from across the globe. With a readership in the dozens.

This is a place for all those sketchy black market schemes you’re working on, from selling your own under-the-FDA-radar honey from your own hives, pimping your sexy cam-girl biz for geeky hipsters, marketing that funky zine you put together, mail-order mixtapes for nostalgic millennials, selling your kidneys, unauthorized private detective work, back-alley abortions, sharing copies of the local bakery dumpster key, and promoting your black market insulin racket.

It’s also the place to share your crafty knowledge in the form of public service messages, like
your tips for shoplifting from Whole Foods, ways to scam free cable, DIY surgery, and don’t ask/don’t tell vegan recipes.

Also, we love your art. Let’s be real, no one will ever pay you for it, so you might as well give it away here. Drawings, pen and ink, collage, paintings, digital sketches, whatchu got?

So submit yr shit before the 25th which is the deadline for next month. This thing is kinda whachu make it.


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